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The Faculty of Business Studies and Economics

The Faculty of Business Studies and Economics focuses on fields in business economics such as marketing, controlling and accountancy, financing, industrial management, international and strategic management, production management, entrepreneurship, sustainability management, operations research and on micro- and macroeconomics within the framework of national and international economics.

Teaching and research are following the Mission Statement: "Leadership in global responsibility"

Responsible global leadership requires knowledge of practical structuring and linkage with socio-technical systems. This structuring and linkage includes the design of interfaces and methods of coordination between sub-systems.

  • We generate and teach currently required subjects in an interdisciplinary context of technology and science.
  • In our work, we incorporate the ideal of sustainable economies.
  • For us, sustainable economies entail an enduring regard for the interests of differing groups or parties in both regional and international context, concerning economical, ecological and social goals.