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Information for first semester students

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Information for freshmen / first year undergraduate students winter term 2020/21

The lecture period  starts on 26.10.

Whether the winter semester 2020/21 can take place without restrictions as a classic attendance study programme is and will remain questionable for the foreseeable future.

For the first semester, an attempt will be made to offer and conduct as much face-to-face teaching as possible. Exercises and tutorials for the lectures will, if possible, be offered exclusively as face-to-face lectures.

Lectures will be offered as attendance courses. If the distance regulations do not allow all students to attend, a subset of the audience will be able to listen to the lecture in the lecture hall (in-situ), the others only in the form of an online lecture (ex-situ). In this case, a rotation principle will be organized so that there will be a change of in-situ and ex-situ forms for each student.

The online lectures will be synchronized with the classroom lecture, i.e. they will be broadcast live. Whether a recording can be made available is not yet clear.

For freshmen, a series of information and introductory events will be offered in the 43rd calendar week (from 19-23 October). Participation in these events is indispensable for a successful study.

Detailed information about the "PROWO" introductory week for first semester students, organized by the student council, will follow as far as it is available.

Since we will try to offer as much face-to-face teaching as possible in the winter semester, we strongly recommend you to look for accommodation in or near Kaiserslautern.

Timetable for the start of studies

After admission and before the start of studies

In August/September

Search for accommodation, e.g. a place in a hall of residence:

Register primary residence LINK

Clarify financing (BaföG, scholarships)) LINK

Set up e-mail address LINK
All e-mail communication is exclusively via the rhrk address

Set up student online account LINK
WLAN and Eduroam, VPN- access, Zugang to OLAT, Seafile etc.

Register for the math pre-course (till 30.09) LINK


Start of studies


Familiarise yourself with the QIS examination system and print out your study certificate LINK

Attend math pre-course LINK

Attend first semester breakfasts of the student council
Information about studies, timetables, making contacts

Attend the first semester entry week "PROWO" of the student council
This is a "MUST" in order to successfully complete the course. Here you can find important information and contacts for a successful study.

Visit information events of the Faculty of Business Studies and Economics

Now you should have understood the study structure and the rules of the game for successful study. Have understood and are able to use the examination regulations, the module manuals and the KIS course catalogue. Now you can put together your individual study plan for the next semester.


While studying


Visit the lectures (VL), exercises (Ü) and tutorials (T) regularly. Prepare the learning material before and after. For every hour you spend in lectures, exercises and tutorials, you must spend the same number of hours in a week for preparation and follow-up. Prepare for the examinations to the same extent.

Rule: 1 ECTS point means 30 hours of study:

  • 10 hours of study,
  • 10 hours preparation and follow-up work for house/library/learning rooms
  • 10 hours exam preparation

Form study groups!


In the middle of the semester

Attend time, self and learning management courses of the SLZ and use their offers.. LINK

Don't forget to register for the exams (in the 1st semester personally, afterwards via the QIS)


In everyday study life

Take advantage of the wide range of offers on-campus (university sports, student groups, student council) and off-campus (concerts, theatre, sports, etc.)



Information for first-time Master students at the TUK

Coming soon...


When will I receive the notification of admission?

Notifications of admission are processed after receipt. As a rule, admission notices are sent out from mid-July onwards.

Where can I find timetables?

There are no timetables like at school. You compile your own timetable for each semester based on the examination regulations, the study plans and the course catalogue. You will be shown how to compile your timetable during breakfasts with the student council.

What is a study plan?

A study plan is a recommendation on how an average student can distribute the workload (calculated in ECTS credits) on courses in such a way that it can be studied within the standard period of study (as far as possible) without overlaps. The study plan is by no means to be considered binding. Other procedures can and will be developed individually.

Where can I find the course catalogue?

The course catalogue can be found on the websites of the TU and the faculty as HIS (Communication and Information System)
Students then use the KIS-Office []




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