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Economic Courses

You are interested in managerial procedures such as marketing, controlling, personnel management, financing, organization, tax, auditing. Logistics or production? Then the Technical University of Kaiserslautern offers you the right course of studies: Business Administration, in short it is known as BWL. Or would you like to combine business with technology? At the Technical University of Kaiserslautern this is not an either-or, but a both-as well as. The Department of Economics offers attractive courses that bridge the gap between the two worlds: business administration with technical qualifications and business engineering.

Whether big corporations, medium-sized companies or their own start-up: every company needs business-oriented know-how. How do companies have to operate in an international environment in order to become economically successful, how must the individual departments collaborate, how are production, marketing and sales, management and human resources organized? Which framework conditions and government requirements must be observed? How do consumers behave? This is where the classical course of business management teaches. But people from different disciplines have always come together in one company. With technological advances and increasingly specialized training, the gaps between merchants of engineers and engineers in their minds have been deeper than ever before. In global competition, the ability to work in a team is critical to entrepreneurial success. For this reason, it is necessary for employees who are equally familiar with the ways of thinking of engineers and businessmen. This is where the interdisciplinary courses in the Department of Economics and Business Administration focus on: Whether in business engineering or business management with a technical qualification - who can build the bridge between industry and technology is in many industries highly sought after.


Industrial Engineering

As an interface discipline, the study of industrial engineering combined with equal economic and technical content.

There are five independent disciplines from chemistry, electrical engineering, computer science and mechanical engineering to environmental and process engineering. Graduates are usually employed in technical-economic cross-sectional functions, for example in project management, quality assurance or sales.


Business administration with technical qualification

Those who would like to supplement a sound economic science education with technical content can choose business studies with a technical qualification from five main technical fields. As future graduates, they are also in a position to take into account technical aspects in economic questions.


Business Administration

Students who want to concentrate entirely on economic science content, the Department offers a comprehensive training course covering all areas of business and economics, with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Even without direct contact to technical content, students benefit from the interdisciplinary exchange with fellow students, who can only be offered by a technical university.


The appropriate mixture of business and technology makes it!

80% Business and 20% Technology:
The bachelors course of studies in business management with technical qualification

50% Business and 50% Technology:
The Bachelor course of studies in Industrial Engineering

And after the Bachelor?

And after the bachelor?

The Master's degree course can be set up for both Bachelor's degree programs. Bachelor students from Kaiserslautern do not have to apply for the master's degree, they can simply apply for admission!