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Ph .D. / Doctorate

The typical German way of optaining a Ph.D. is conducting individual research. The writing of a doctoral thesis or dissertation is the core element of the doctorate and usually takes 3-5 years. Most doctoral candidates (in Germany doctoral candidates are not mentioned as students!) are working while they are writing their doctoral thesis as junior researchers or reseach and teaching assistants. In additon a PH. D. can be done on a scholarship basis, self funded or while beeing employed at an external company. These are called external doctorates. However, Ph.D. candiates agree their topic with a supervising professor (often called "Doktorvater" or "Doktormutter") and then produce a thesis or dissertation as a part of independent research.

Involved in this independent research Ph.D. is a structured Ph.D-program at the Faculty of Business Studies and Economics. This adds a curricular program in your reseach field and interdisciplinary subjects. All graduate students of registered in the structured Ph.D-program are members of TU Nachwuchsring. They preferential have access to Workshops and other events. 


The program has three phases:

  • Phase I: 2 years; Courses in economic methods
  • Phase II: 1 year; Transition period and writing scientific research papers
  • Phase III: 1 year; Finalizing the thesis/dissertation and consulting with the "second referee".

An oral examination will be mandatory at the end of the program, consisting of a disputation and an oral examination of three related business and economic fields. The title is: Dr. rer. pol.


The main steps

1. Step:

Having an idea about the topic of your research interest

2. Step:

Finding a supervisor (Professor) at the Faculty of Business Studies and Economics (e.g. website).


After finding a supervisor:

3. Step:

Formal acceptance by the Dean

4. Step:

Starting the research and the mandatory courses.