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The focus of the chemistry program is the transfer of chemical reactions or processes into economic-technical applications, especially in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, the energy sector, agriculture and the food industry. The knowledge required for this is acquired in lectures on thermal process engineering, process and plant engineering, bioprocess engineering and heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis.

Course Structure

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Curriculum Overview

The curriculum overview provides information on the compulsory and optional modules in the programme, their scope and form of examination.

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Transfer from Bachelor to Master within the TUK

Wenn Sie vom Bachelor ins Masterstudium übergehen möchten, wird das Studiengangwechsel genannt. Dafür ist der Antrag innerhalb der Bewerbungsfristen beim SSC einzureichen.

If you want to change from a Bachelor's to a Master's programme, this is called a change of programme. For this purpose, the application must be submitted to the SSC within the application feadlines.

Application for change of study programme

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