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15.11.2016: Prof. Dominique Demougin, Universität Liverpool

Legal procedures and Non-Comprehensive Incentive Contracts

08.07.2016: Helge Löbler, Uni Leipzig

On Value – What are we Talking About if we Talk About Value

24.06.2016: Markus Helfen, FU Berlin

Interorganisationales Personalmanagement in Dienstleistungsnetzwerken: Herausforderungen und Chancen

29.01.2016: Prof. Dr. Michael Beer

Concepts in Uncertainty Quantification with Engineering Applications

17.07.2015: Dr. Philipp Weinschenk

What Determines Success? The Relationship Between Incentives and Performance

22.05.2015: Conrad Spanaus

Asset Pricing Using Downside Risk of Payoffs

08.05.2015: Florian Schwahn

Product Pricing in Netzwerken: Dynamische Preise und temporäre Services

23.01.2015: Dominik Goeke

Where is the Revenue in Vehicle Routing

- Anticipating the Unknown Customer -

09.01.2015: Prof. Dr. Sven Krumke

Talk about Value and Utility under Risk and Uncertainty

12.12.2014: Michael Hopf

Revenue Management with Distributed Shared Resources - Scheduling Algorithms and Complexity

28.11.2014: Eduard Stoppel

Effects of use-oriented pricing systems on industrial markets.

19.09.2014: Theresa Schilling

Co-creation of products by customers: Contract types and intellectual property

29.08.2014: Prof. Dr. Jan Wenzelburger

Financial Markets and Social Interaction

18.07.2014: Prof. Dr. Stefan Roth

Supply Chain Pricing in Competition

11.07.2014: Prof. Dr. Katharina Zweig

Introduction to Network Analysis

27.06.2014: Lucas Pfisterer

Service-Dominant Logic - Shifting the Perspective towards a Collaborative Creation of Value

06.06.2014: Prof. Dr. Oliver Wendt

Resource Sharing: Microeconomic Challenges for Shareconomy's Operating System?

23.05.2014: Hagen Salewski

Service Modularization Based on Path-Specific Design Structure Matrices

19.02.2014: Florian Schwahn

Algorithmic Aspects of Product Pricing in Social Networks with Additive Influence

We study a product pricing model in social networks where the value a possible buyer assigns to a product is influenced by the previous buyers. Each (directed) link in the social network is weighted with the amount by which a buyer changes the value another person holds for the product (Linear Threshold Model). We show that, amongst others, if all arc weights are non-negative computing the price generating the maximum revenue for the product seller in this setting is possible in strongly polynomial time, but the problem becomes NP-hard when negative arc weights are allowed, i.e., if buyers can be negative about others owning the product.

In further research we are investigating versions of this problem introducing e.g. price changes and delayed exchange of information.