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41. Segelseminar: Europa und die EU

Sailing seminars in Economics

Examination performance

Together with the written presentation (2 copies and a digital version) a two page paper is to be submitted. Participation in the sailing seminar requires a well-founded written treatment of the topic and the acceptance of a co-presentation. The written version of the papers includes the theoretical/empirical foundation and a presentation of the respective topic. The presentations of the main lectures (30 minutes) are held on the sailing ship in the same way as the co-lectures.

The overview topics are to be worked out in a group of 4/6 people and presented in the form of a paper (10-15 minutes), whereby the informative-entertaining character is in the foreground.

Hints for the preparation of papers, presentations etc. can be found [here] as pdf-file.

Please contact us for further information:
Jürgen E. Blank
Building 42, room 124
Phone 0631 / 205-4042
Email: jblank@wiwi.uni-kl.de

Sailing seminar Alumni

For those who want to stay in touch, organize revival sailing seminars or whatever:

There is a sailing seminar alumni mailing list!

If you want to subscribe to it you can do so by going to the following web page:


and click on "Subscribe" there.


Alternatively, you can also:

From the address where you want to subscribe to the list, send a message to sympa(at)wiwi.uni-kl.de.
Enter in the subject line of the message: subscribe segelseminar-alumni first name last name (enter your own name and first name).
Let the message text empty.

Past alumni events:

1st Revival Sailing Seminar 2011

Sailing ships since 1997 (Münster and Kaiserslautern)

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